What we do

Lean development

We use a lean development methodology for our projects, which ensures a rapid development cycle and a quality end-product. This type of methodology relies heavily on iterative testing, and getting a Minimum Viable Product out to the customer as fast as possible. By the time the product has been finalized, it has already gone through multiple iterations, and genuine market tests. We’ve found that lean development helps us deliver high caliber software again and again.

Remote team – outsourcing

We offer remote team and outsourcing services, which are particularly popular in the EU. As a Southeastern European company, based in Sarajevo, we are able to offer the advantageous prices of outsourcing, without the issues that arise from mismatched time zones. As such, we are able to stay in close contact throughout the development process.

Product development

From market research and positioning, to post-release support services, we offer a full cycle product development service. It is also worth mentioning that due to our modular approach, we are able to provide certain stages of development individually, which is great for companies looking to augment and speed up development when their in-house team gets overwhelmed.


We offer support services for software developed in-house or by a third party. These services include bug fixes, security and functionality updates, cloud migration services, virtualization, and many others. Companies will choose our support service for a variety of reasons, including lower support costs, a switch of development teams, and support for outdated versions of existing software solutions.


Our dedicated QA team works with both automation and manual testing for both in-house and third party developed software. Many companies will choose our services to speed up their development process, decrease their time to market, lower costs, take advantage of the expertise of a dedicated QA team, and gain access to resources and tools that would otherwise be unavailable or costly.


In terms of technologies, we work with a wide variety of server-side and client-side technologies, front-end JavaScript frameworks, and mobile technologies. We aim to stay up to date on the latest developments in the mobile and online world, in order to ensure that our clients have a competitive edge when using our services and products.

Project management

Due to our experience within the software development industry, we are able to offer project management services, which help you lower your costs, and build a quality product. Over the years, and after several hundred projects, we have developed the expertise, clarity of focus, and objectivity needed to manage any software development project.